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Monday, April 29, 2013


Many years ago, my cousin Mia taught me a neat trick that she picked up at The Lake of the Ozark's "Party Cove."  If you take a water ski vest, flip it upside down and place your legs through the arm openings, it makes a pretty neat floating seat.  For many seasons, my friends and I would don our vests and bob around in the water in hands-free bliss.

Not that this was a perfect solution.  They were awkward to put on, had the tendency to "ride up," chafe and if you weren't careful, there is a tendency to wobble over like a dollar store Weeble. Granted, it is amusing to watch others topple over, but when you are the one that experiences a sudden ballast shift, it is not as much fun.

Thanks to the collective genus of the folks at BumFloat, problem solved!  They've designed the BumFloat to be comfortable in the water, outfitting it with 4 adjustable straps in just the right places to fit just about everyone. The BumFloat allows you to float in an upright position with your shoulders at the waterline, giving you complete range of motion with both arms and legs. BumFloats also have built-in loops for tethering to the boat or dock. Something else that appeals to me is as opposed to other floating loungers, the BumFloat stows easily under a seat or in the ski locker.

Granted, it looks more than a little like a Kevlar adult diaper, but who is going to see it?  When in-use, the BumFloat is inconspicuously hidden beneath the water.  Come check it out at the Lakehouse Lifestyle online store.  BumFloat Flotation Seat

Saturday, April 27, 2013

300 Followers on Facebook

Woohoo! Lakehouse Lifestyle has just reached 300 followers on our Facebook page.  I had better get around to posting more over there!  Lakehouse Lifestyle's Facebook Page

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Springtime at the Lake

 It sure has been a cold and wet spring in Wisconsin.  We are days away from May and there is snow is the forecast.  I sure hope that this does not mean that we are going to be in for a cold summer.  Many years ago as a child, I recall the family wearing winter parkas while watching fireworks on the Forth of July.  That said, up north the boating season is so short we must persevere.  We have our piers in the lake, with the pontoon boat to follow this weekend.  When warmer weather finally arrives, we will be prepared.

We have been making the most the the rainy spring and just launched our new and long awaited website.  We have also been searching for new and innovative products to make lake house living even better.  One type of product that we are focusing on is lake house hostess gifts.  These will be small and moderately priced lake home gifts that appeal to folks that want to say thank you to their hosts for a fun weekend of boating or just relaxing up at the lake or cabin.

Our goal is to add one new item a week, so check out our new website Lakehouse Lifestyle and visit often to watch our product offerings continue to grow.  Our hope is to become the destination for all lake house outfitters.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Riparian Lifestyle with Patrick Reid O'Brien

To live a riparian lifestyle is different from what most people know, or even what most people think.  It means so much more than simply owning a home we open before Memorial Day, visit when we’re able, and close at the end of Labor Day.  It means more than giving each other cursory nods and waves when we see each other, as we do when at home in the city where we’re too busy or distracted to share in our neighbors’ lives.  And it certainly means more than arranging hour-long play dates for our children who are under our ever-watchful eyes.  We’re part of a special and unique community of folks who, upon pulling into town, leave our weekday cares behind us and let the magic of the lake work its wonders.

There’s a sense of eager anticipation each time we depart for our lake house, and a sense of tranquility when we arrive.  Instead of looking at pulling weeds and cleaning gutters as chores, we do so with a sense that we’re taking care of something we cherish.  We flash each other genuine and warm smiles when we encounter each other at the local grocery while stocking up on the weekend’s provisions, and often a handshake leads to an invitation to share in a meal.  (Sometimes this even results in an extra set of hands to help us prep the lake house for the season.)  And how many of us recall childhood summers at the lake learning how to swim and how to pilot a boat; catching fire flies and making s’mores; and that summer where you first held hands with someone and developed your first crush?

When I first came upon award-winning artist Patrick Reid O’Brien I knew he would fit into our lake house community.  His spectacular body of work includes images from throughout the world, and he’s particularly adept at capturing the serene nostalgia of the lake house lifestyle.  Patrick employs Fractal Media and acrylic paint to create scenes that evoke memories everyone familiar with a riparian lifestyle can share.  In the piece “The Moment I see The Lake (All My Worries Float Away)” we see that instance just before everyone hops aboard for the day’s first water ski; “Welcome to Paradise” provides a glimpse of the evening sun splashing across the lake as the last sail boats on the water head home and you prepare to unwind and bask in the view; and you can see in “Summer Days At The Lake” your children (or even yourself at a younger age) preparing to cast off for a wonderful evening sail.

Patrick creates timeless vignettes of life on the lake by blending scenes we all hold in common with an understanding of color and light that those of us who share in our riparian lifestyle can all recall.  I display his work in my own lake house and I am proud to be able to offer his work to you.  Please visit http://lakehouselifestyle.com/new-products.html to view his newest offerings.