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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Dog On Water Boat and Dock Ramp

Most dogs love the water, but with living on the lake, all dog are likely to wind up in the lake one time or another.  The Dog On Water Ramp, provides easy access in and out for dogs who enjoy taking the occasional dip in the lake to cool off. It also provides a piece of mind for pet owners who worry about their pets accidentally falling in the water and not being able to climb out.

The dog ramp is unique because to it floats on the water and easily attaches to the boat or pier.  It can accommodate the largest of dogs or little pups as well, with no adjustment required.  Switching from the pier and boat is as easy as detaching the pair of mounting lines. 

The ramp floats on pair of inflatable pontoons and has a sturdy rubberized mesh damp that descends 18" below the water, with solid molded deck for easy transitions from the ramp to pier or boat.  The genus of this product is that the ramp mimics the natural shoreline, making the transition from swimming to climbing natural.  The only training required is guiding your dog down and back through the pontoons and couple of times and they quickly discover that this the the easiest way in and out of the lake.  

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