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Friday, June 14, 2013

Lake House Rules

Now that the Memorial Day has come and gone and all of the graduation parties are over, I'd expect this to be the first big visitor weekend at the lake.  I've been at this for over thirty years and have to admit, have become a little more selective on who I invite up to the lake.  It is great having visitors, but when Sunday afternoon rolls around, I become a little anxious for everyone to leave and for the clean-up to commence. The Sunday tasks of full sinks, wet towels, laundry, garbage and cleaning the boat tend to put a damper on the latter part of any visit.

Many visitors have the best of intentions, but I find that the like to cherry-pick chores.  Making your dirty bed on your departure is not much of a help and last summer I have visitors who announced with a sens of pleasure that "I ran the dishwasher for you."  Sadly, the dishes were already clean and the two subsequent washings, didn't do much for the septic system either. 

One of my better investments was purchasing a thermostat so complex that I am the only one who can operate it.  You are at the lake, it does not have to be precisely 70 degrees at all times!  I even have one guest that has the habit of running the air with all of the windows open.  Amazingly, they do this at their own home as well.

I'm thinking that this might be the summer that I develop a simple set of rules, to remind visitors that they are not at an all-inclusive resort and everyone needs to pitch in. For now, i will start with the sign: Lakehouse Rules Sign

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