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Friday, May 3, 2013

Resorts of Our Childhood

This unusually cold spring has me wondering if we are in for a cool summer throughout the Upper Midwest. This tangentially got me thinking of summers as a child, before the lake house, when the family would escape the heat of the city for vacations to the more pleasant weather "up north."   As I recall, the days were warm, but the evenings were cool, with a refreshing crispness to the air. 

The memories are faded, but I still remember how special those summer vacations were and in particular, the extra degree of freedom that the kids were afforded while at the resort.  They weren't fancy, particularly by today's standards, but many of the resorts remain and I'm sure that families still flock there each season. 

The sister-books of "Resorts of Minnesota" and "Resorts of Wisconsin" describe the rich history of the Upper Midwest's family owned resorts.   The authors, Adam Swenson and Neil Johnson chronicle the growth of the tourist trade in Minnesota and Wisconsin, creating somewhat of a trip down memory lane for many of us.  The books also feature historical photos of the resorts, along with hundreds of present-day photos by Jim Backus. 

Theses are not guide books, but more of a historical narrative about the family-run resorts that many of us remember.  Either of these books would make a great gift for any lake home owner and would captivate future guests with the short vignettes of the resorts of the north-woods.   Resorts of Wisconsin and Minnesota

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