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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lake House Science Club

One side of my boat pier has never had much swimming activity.  This has caused a build-up of muck and decaying leaves and fallen milfoil weeds to develop.  I'm sure that after a season of heavy activity, I can get it to disburse, but who wants to stomp around in muck!

I happened across the "Weeders Digest" website, who offers all sorts of tools for improving your shoreline and water quality.  They offer biodegradable pellets that are supposed to break down and disburse the bottom muck layer, just by spreading the pellets across the lake bottom.  Intrigued, I decided to place and order and see how they work.  It says that you have to wait until the water temperature is above 60, but when it is the experiment will commence! Now if I could just find something that would digest the awful Zebra Muscles. 

Weeders Digest Muck Digesters

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