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Monday, April 29, 2013


Many years ago, my cousin Mia taught me a neat trick that she picked up at The Lake of the Ozark's "Party Cove."  If you take a water ski vest, flip it upside down and place your legs through the arm openings, it makes a pretty neat floating seat.  For many seasons, my friends and I would don our vests and bob around in the water in hands-free bliss.

Not that this was a perfect solution.  They were awkward to put on, had the tendency to "ride up," chafe and if you weren't careful, there is a tendency to wobble over like a dollar store Weeble. Granted, it is amusing to watch others topple over, but when you are the one that experiences a sudden ballast shift, it is not as much fun.

Thanks to the collective genus of the folks at BumFloat, problem solved!  They've designed the BumFloat to be comfortable in the water, outfitting it with 4 adjustable straps in just the right places to fit just about everyone. The BumFloat allows you to float in an upright position with your shoulders at the waterline, giving you complete range of motion with both arms and legs. BumFloats also have built-in loops for tethering to the boat or dock. Something else that appeals to me is as opposed to other floating loungers, the BumFloat stows easily under a seat or in the ski locker.

Granted, it looks more than a little like a Kevlar adult diaper, but who is going to see it?  When in-use, the BumFloat is inconspicuously hidden beneath the water.  Come check it out at the Lakehouse Lifestyle online store.  BumFloat Flotation Seat

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