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Friday, March 1, 2013

Chicago, IL Lake Home and Cabin Show

The Lake Home and Cabin Show season has officially come to a close.  Lakehouse Lifestyle participated in four of these events this winter, and after logging over two thousand miles in a brief three weeks behind the wheel of a U-Haul to show to you folks what we have to offer, we’re happy with our efforts.  We found it a pleasure to meet and chat with those of you who share our love for summers at the lake, and we were particularly encouraged to learn how much you enjoy our products.  A special thanks goes to those who provided feedback on possible new items and on improvements to those we already have.  We’ve ordered new equipment and we’re eager to get to work on producing some exciting new goods. 

This is me, Brian, at the final show in Chicago.  I’m pointing out the features of our floating doggie boat and dog ramp, an item Lakehouse Lifestyle offers (and which we use ourselves), that helps make our lake living more enjoyable for all.  With this our dog Hunter can ease himself from our pier and into the lake, thereby avoiding cutting his paws on the Zebra Muscles that populate our rock seawall.   The ramp detaches quickly from the pier and attaches easily onto any swim platform or pontoon boat, and this allows your dogs unassisted access to and from the water and eliminates the task of hoisting larger breeds back onto your boat.

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